Mine Ads: Make Games, Get Paid  

I’ve been volunteering as an administrator/web developer for a Minecraft Network for well over a year and a half - though before then I’d been paying special attention to the network’s attempt to monetize and reach profitability. It did this not out of greed, but out of necessity - the network has tonnes of servers and the administration is entirely unpaid, volunteer workers.

I wouldn’t consider that a bad thing - but it does mean that they have to attend to other obligations. It very easily, very quickly means that administering the network becomes the lowest priority. No matter how passionate volunteers are, incentive becomes necessary. I know a lot of them, despite the toxic community they have to deal with, would more than love to spend all of their time working on bettering the games.

Mine Ads is going to be my solution to that problem. Networks have attempted to bring in money in many, many different ways - with the most financially successful networks bleeding their users and cheating them out of money (through pay-for-unbans and ungodly benefits in-game in exchange for money). While Mine Ads is not intended to be a replacement to other forms of monetization, it is my intention that it provide a suitable financial incentive.

Mine Ads will not be the first into the space. We’ll be going up against several other competitors including Adventurize and AdCraft. While these advertising networks share a similar goal - their solutions fall short. That’s where Mine Ads will step in.

For now, our unobtrusive advertising methods (which are decisively different from our named competitor’s methods) are a secret - but we’re very near to finishing and unveiling them.

If you’re interested in the possibilities - either as a publisher or an advertiser, we’ve prepared a pre-launch mailing list. You’ll be able to unsubscribe at any time, and we’ll let you know our deepest, innermost secrets while we gear up for launch.

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